Bay Area Baby Pictures

Rekha contacted me through Yelp while looking for Bay Area baby pictures. She got in touch and said she needed some portraits for her eight-month-old baby girl. I couldn’t wait to meet them!

(The period from birth to two years old goes so very fast. The exponential rate that babies grow at the beginning always amazes me. I think they really do grow overnight! It’s so beautiful to watch those precious newborn features quickly develop into stronger, individualized characteristics that make our babies so unique—we could easily recognize them in even the largest crowd because they are distinctly ours. In addition to newborn photography, I offer baby mini and milestone sessions so that that families can capture the beauty of each momentous stage in their little ones’ lives—I don’t want them to miss out on a single thing!)

When they stepped into my studio, I was greeted by the sweetest deep-brown eyes I’ve ever seen! This dainty little girl is such a beauty! I let her crawl around and explore a little while to get comfortable. She was just the cutest thing and so easy going, but smiles didn’t come easily with this little stoic. She dished them out with calculated care. We worked really hard to crack a few smiles, but they were SO worth it!

Baby Session Details

For the backdrop, we used complementing rustic styles: one with white wood and the other a little darker. They paired with her adorable cream-colored lace and emerald green dresses perfectly! And then we got some cute, classic ones of her sitting in a vintage mixing bowl. This little one is a natural in front of the camera, and I had a blast capturing those serious stares she gave me. Hope to see you again soon for your next milestone shoot!

Photographer Review

“I was looking for Bay Area baby pictures when I found Happy Me Photography. Nieshka was so accommodative in doing a photoshoot for my baby on a weekend as we couldn’t find anything on her calendar. The photoshoot was great and I loved her choice of color tones on the set and her dresses. The pictures came out really well. Money well spent and I would definitely be returning back for my baby’s one year shoot.”

Bay Area Baby Pictures Pricing

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