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What is a Mini Newborn Photography Session (Wrapped Session)?

A mini newborn session is a short (usually 45-60 minutes) photo session where the baby remains wrapped all of the time. Only top layer (wrap) is changed to a different color. Which makes it easy going from one set to another. This is different from the other newborn photo sessions (such as the ever popular Standard session) because we do not capture those naked newborn poses.

One of the main reasons that this shortened session is limited to wrapped posing is because newborn babies prefer to be wrapped and will often sleep soundly the entire time while wrapped. Most babies do not like the feel of their arms and/or legs being out of the wrap.

These sessions are quick, budget friendly (Pricing) and still offer a gorgeous variety of images!

Also perfect for older newborns up to 3 month old and babies that have trouble staying asleep.

How to prepare for a Mini Photo session.

1. Mini photography session. Please check my Facebook, website or instagram to see if you like any of the sets, props. Or have an idea what colors you like. Or you can choose and decide at the time of the session:)

2. Please dress your baby in something that’s easy to take off and it doesn’t go over the baby’s head.

3. Text me when you get here so I can help you.

4. We’ll bring a baby with the car seat.

5. We’ll feed the baby after removing all the clothes. This way if he/she falls asleep we don’t have to wake them up by undressing.

6. Don’t worry if you didn’t do any of the above.

More info on how to prepare.

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Newborn Photography Santa Cruz Mini session, pricing and how to prepare for it.