Newborn Baby Pictures Bay Area

Newborn Baby Pictures Bay Area

I am so excited that I was able to meet this peanut when she was just eight days old. Little Ria came in to the studio for her newborn photoshoot, and she wanted to be part of everything! She kept waking up and checking everything out – I guess she wanted to make sure I was doing a good job on her photos! Don’t worry Ria, having a cute baby to work with makes my job so much easier.

I started off by having Ria folded up, wearing only a mint colored headband. I got some great pictures of her face as well as her full body. Next, we wrapped Ria with a thin, white blanket while keeping her arms and legs free. She had her ankles crossed and her hands were delicately folded on her chest while she was dreaming away.

We took advantage of Ria’s sleepiness and changed her headband and outfit to blue. She was tightly wrapped in a blue swaddle and I was able to get a great picture of her smiling. Whatever she was dreaming about worked in my favor! Ria’s parents, Zara and Arun, stepped in for some pictures as well. The love they have for this baby girl is so clear in these pictures! For this series of photos, Ria was wrapped in a floral swaddle and stayed asleep in each of her parents’ arms. Mom was smiling ear to ear as she was holding her princess, and while dad held her she gave the cutest little smile!

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Toward the end of the photoshoot, I was able to get a great picture of both mom and dad lovingly staring down at Ria, while Ria just stared back at Zara! I had a great time photographing this lovely family, and cannot wait to see them again! If you would like to schedule newborn baby pictures Bay Area or if you have any further questions, please email me at or call me at 415-269-6669.

newborn baby pictures bay area