Newborn Photographer Monterey

As a Newborn Photographer Monterey I really do appreciate my clients and hope they also value me and my work. Sometimes life doesn’t work out how you plan it. Specially when you just had a baby and trying to figure out how they work;) I like to schedule newborn sessions for age 6-14 days, but I can also work with babies up to 12 months. Here is a lovely review by one of my clients:

“I was looking for a Newborn photographer in Monterey and found Happy Me Photography on Google search.

I did not know the ideal timeframe to take these newborn photos was 1-2 weeks old. Despite this, we were able to have amazing newborn photos with our 3 week old daughter. This was our first time doing these type of photos and overall experience exceeded our expectations. We just had to show up with the baby and she took care of everything. I will break down for you why Nieshka is awesome and what I learned about newborn photography…

Styling skills:

She has a great collection of all different fabrics, headbands, beds, baskets, props etc. You can tell she spends time thinking about these items and sourcing them from all over the world. I picked out 3 fabrics and 2 artificial plants I liked and based on that she was able to style the entire shoot, giving me just the right number of options so it was not overwhelming.

Newborn Baby skills:

She knows how to handle babies, get them to sleep and also wrap them in different fabrics while keeping them asleep. Anyone who has swaddled a baby while trying to keep them sleeping can appreciate this is not any easy task. She was also very conscious of cleanliness

Newborn Photography skills:

She is taking photos in her studio and works to get the best pictures, including adjusting the baby (literally the way the baby’s mouth was open). Also our baby was at the height of her baby acne. So many pimples on one eyelid I could not count them all! But I had no idea that Nieshka could magically edit the photos to provide me both the real and airbrushed skin versions.

Client Photography service:

Her process is easy and clearly communicated through email. Everything was on time and easy to access/download through the gallery site provided.

We love having these special photos to share with our friends and family.” – Kathy L.

Info And Booking

If you are interested and would like more information about Newborn Photography in Monterey before contacting me, you might want to visit Newborn Photography Santa Cruz