Newborn Photography San Carlos

Oh my goodness! This little cutie was such a joy to photograph! Kathryn was looking for newborn photography in San Carlos, and she ended up finding me through her friend who did a newborn session just a few weeks before. They came in when baby boy was just eight days old, and he completely surprised me with his alertness. He did not want to miss out on his very first photoshoot! Why sleep your way through when you can show off those cute newborn yawns and handsome dark eyes?

He was such a dream to work with. He stayed awake for a full thirty minutes before finally succumbing to sleep. But he was so happy just looking around and trying to figure out all the new lights, sounds, and smells. He was a perceptive little one! As I dressed him in a deep cobalt-colored snuggly blanket, I melted when he looked up at me with his sweet face. He clutched on tightly to a little teddy bear I placed in his tiny hands, eager to touch something new. I have a feeling he’s going to be a little explorer who quickly learns to crawl. He just can’t get enough of the world around him, soaking in every new experience.

When he finally fell asleep, I made sure to capture those adorably soft cheeks and sleepy face resting gently in his hands. And as he snoozed inside a little basket. He even gave a slight half smile that I was so excited to catch on camera. I love how classic these images look, and I think they will really look great adorning the walls in their home or adding a personal touch to baby boy’s new nursery. I’m just glad I don’t have to choose—he’s so precious, I would want to hang them all!

Congratulations to this special family on their brand-new bundle of joy!

Newborn Photography San Carlos

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“Absolutely recommend! I was looking for a Newborn photography San Carlos. My friend recommended me to go Happy Me Photography. I like her daughters Newborn pics, so I decided to book her for my new born baby. The studio is nice and new, room temperature is high enough so the baby won’t get cold. By the time when we do the shooting, baby was too excited so he couldn’t fall asleep, Nieshka was so professional to calm the baby and take absolutely great pics. Just recieved the high resolution pics today. Cannot wait to post on my on social media, Love all the pics! Will totally recommend to everyone who wants to get their newborn photography!”

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