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San Mateo Newborn Photography

Having a baby is life changing. Long days, sleepless nights, and cold dinners become the norm. Yet even when the hours creep by, you know deep down this time is so very fleeting. You try your hardest to grasp onto every little detail and take it in. Before long those sweet little toes will be jammed into stinky soccer cleats…those tiny hands will have fingernails embedded with dirt…and that new baby smell will be replaced with the smell of sweat that follows a long day of play and adventure. It all goes so very fast.

Sweet Sleepy Wyatt

Sweet baby Wyatt came to the studio at 7 days old. He was squishy and sleepy and absolutely perfect. He loved being snuggled up in all the poses and was a dream client as he snoozed nearly the entire session. We stuck with a neutral palette of soft grays and a warm teal green that made his delicate little features pop. He rocked every setup and pose, and was pure perfection.

The newborn stage doesn’t last long. And in no time Wyatt will be running around getting into everything as most little boys do. But for now, his mom Leana can bask in that new baby smell, those sweet little wrinkles, and the dimpled hands that grasp onto hers. And when time slips by, as it always does, she can look back at Wyatt’s newborn session and all those precious features that are ever evolving. These moments are fleeting, and it goes so very fast. Way too fast.

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How adorable is this little guy! He just stole my heart. Being his San Mateo Newborn Photography artist was such a treat.